New Bentzon + vocal sensation Signe Juhl CD release!!

Tired of all the phenomenal talent we witness in TV shows like X-Factor?
………then you should listen to this young lady accompanied by Bentzon´s trio.
This is Signe Juhl – a genuine and well-educated singer with soul and authority.
No room for amateurs here, but for a highly trained natural with an enormous awareness of her vocal-instrumental possibilities.
Surely, the influence of e.g. Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, and Dinah Washington is audible, but so is – surprisingly – the influence by Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.
She delivers and snowballs this heritage more convincingly than any other singer in Denmark. Period.
Listen to her breathtaking interpretations of her and Bentzon´s musical trophies – and with feel and quality that only true talent can breed…

Release concert, May 7th 2011: “12 Songs for mature lovers”


Bentzon with Odense Symphony Orchestra






Title: Bentzon with Odense Symphony Orchestra. Two concerts with Nikolaj Bentzon Trio + Odense Symphony Orch. in a program of Bentzon´s music + jazz standards
Location: Odense
Start Date: 2011-11-24
End Date: 2011-11-25