Bentzon Trio





“The hardest-swinging trio in




Bentzon has teamed up with Swede Daniel Franck and Danish drummer Espen Laub von Lilienskjold.


They unite in the classic trio format as


the red-hot fire brigade of



Check out the latest release from 2017 on e.g. Spotify:




Hard-swinging 60s-bluesy piano trio jazz á la Ahmad Jamal, Les McCann, Ramsey Lewis, Gene Harris, Bobby Timmons a.o.

Fiery and cool… Memphis and Moscow….Burning and exquisite jazz, ideal for hot summer nights as well as the frost frozen ones………..


Daniel Franck & Espen Laub von Lilienskjold: Frankly, these guys provide one of the leading Launch Ramps of Rhythm in Scandinavian jazz.

Both gentlemen are highly sought-after on the Scandinavian Jazz scene, and here they gang up with Bentzon for a mutual burnout of  hard-swinging jazz!!

Mix in a few lyrical passages with jazzy versions of Bentzon´s great-great grandfather´s 19th century romanticism + a couple of tweaked baroque classics, and then you have a comtemporary trio voice dancing on the shoulders of its greatest ancestors.


The Bentzon Trio has a release on the legendary STORYVILLE jazz label.


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