Arabian trumpet

“1001 Arabian Jazz Nights” is a series of 12 original big band charts by Pianist/Composer/Conductor Nikolaj Bentzon. They are all quite out of the ordinary.

The intriguing melody and exciting rhythm of Middle Eastern music in a combination with the power and dense harmony of big band jazz.

Why didn´t anyone think of that before?
Well, the modern big band world is sometimes a little too shadowed by the great big band legacy: While Ellington, Basie, Thad Jones a.o. certainly did provide the foundation for subsequent generations of big band entrepreneurs, that very same big band tradition tends to support a certain musical conservatism – when what you really need is the detonation of a MUSICAL BOMB!
This new series of big band music brings out connotations such as “fresh”, “exotic”, and even a little “twisted”.
Each piece from “1001 Arabian Jazz Nights” takes a deep dip into the various characteristics of Arabian music.
However, this is not for musical purists.

This is a revitalizing clash – a traffic jam – that allows the imaginative musical images of Bentzon to emerge and occasionally “faux pas” the Arabian journey…

Gentlemen, mount your camels…
Several big bands around the world has played the Arabian Suite under Bentzon´s leadership.

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Luxury Jazz – Bentzon + Symphony Orchestra:


Luxury jazz……… often have we been spoiled with the lush, expressive, and intriguing sound palette of the symphony orchestra in a live jazz context?

…………….does your memory fail you?”.

Probably not, since production is one of these rare and delightful against-all-odds events.

So, how are you to pull this off?

Well, first you must realize that the parties involved are not opposites – they are essential for one another.

Once everyone acknowledges the potential of the blend, they will quickly learn that a profound respect for each other´s contribution to the musical panorama is a prerequisite for its realization. And not only respect. An understanding, admiration, even mastery of some of each another´s key proficiencies is vital for the musical crossing.

This production came out of love for some of the most celebrated and cherished albums that connect jazz with the symphony orchestra. Albums involving the genius of orchestral arrangers like Riddle, Ogerman, Mancini and others.

Therefore, what could be more predisposed than the pursuit of a project like this – with its attractive mix of genre and crew, and with two hands full of new material?

A truly rewarding project with its genuine jazz connotations, yet with all the symphonic exuberance intact.

The realization of a production like this benefits greatly also from the fact that Bentzon takes on a quadruple-performance as composer, arranger, conductor and soloist. This leaves the sponsors happy AND the individual musicians of the symphony orchestra with greater musical responsability and initiative – much comparable to the jazz combo.

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